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© The art of Food Carving 2008

The passion of creating and of passing on

When the passion for creating becomes too strong, giving up a well established career seems obvious. Did Van Gogh or Brel not give up everything for painting or singing? In a more modest way, but pushed by the same motivation, François Goffinet has left… his butcher’s stall for carving. He made carving his mean of expression out of it and he has been enriching it tirelessly for more than 20 years, and passing it on in his training sessions.

A personal style issued from a self-taught itinerary

Fruits, vegetables or ice : François Goffinet builds dialog between forms and materials using a vocabulary which he discovered and developed himself. His style is the result of the freedom enabled by a self-taught itinerary. No constraint, no academism : totally opposite to the copying/pasting of ideas or of creations that can be seen almost everywhere, his creations reveal a genuine talent.

A vaste range of products found on the local market

François Goffinet carved his first figures from lemons, kiwis, tomatoes and cucumbers at the beginning of the eighties. Since then, his creative paths have broadened by bringing in a touch of exotics. Wherever the received orders or the training sessions take him, he adapts to the local market. In Belgium, he will carve the turnip, the Kohl Rabi, the carrot, ... in Senegal, he will choose the nadio (local pumpkin). For each destination, a new challenge !